Concentric Advisors Announces New CEO, Paul Florence. Roderick Jones, CEO of Rubica, remains Chairman of the Board

The West Coast’s preeminent private security, intelligence and risk consultancy, Concentric Advisors, is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Florence as CEO.  Paul, currently a Senior Vice President, will succeed Roderick Jones, who will remain actively involved as Chairman of the Board and CEO of Rubica.

An outlier in the industry, the Concentric Advisors team blends global security intelligence experts from a diverse set of bodies, ranging from government entities to corporate and philanthropic organizations. Offering a wealth of experience, Concentric Advisors delivers unrivaled skills and novel problem-solving to every client engagement.

Serving as a critical leader within Concentric Advisors, Paul has led the Strategy and Intelligence portfolio for the past eight years.

“Paul joined up with me in the height of the global financial crisis.  Since then, we’ve seen just about everything.  Paul is uniquely qualified to lead and take Concentric to the next level,” said Roderick Jones.

Prior to joining Concentric Advisors, Paul was a Geopolitical Risk Manager at Bechtel Corporation. He previously worked as a Global Security Analyst at the World Bank and as an Information Officer for USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), serving on several Disaster Assistance Response Teams (DART).  He has also been invited to brief the National Intelligence Council (NIC) and the National Security Council on innovative methods in risk analysis.

Paul has worked on the last eight Olympic games and is an Expert Advisor to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), serving as Attaché to the IOC President during the Beijing, Vancouver, London, Sochi and Rio games. He holds a Master’s of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and undergraduate degrees in Political Science and History from Duke University.

“It has been an incredible experience to collaborate with Roderick over the past decade.  He has built Concentric Advisors into the premium security advisory firm on the West Coast, attracting world-class talent to meet the diverse needs of our clients,” said Paul Florence. “In partnership with an outstanding team, I look forward to building on our momentum to tackle today’s complex global challenges.”

About Concentric Advisors:
Trusted by some of the world’s most prominent individuals and organizations, Concentric Advisors is the security risk consultancy for discerning clients.  Grounded in analytics, we believe that intelligence-led security is critical for managing risk in today’s complex, dynamic environment.  With offices in San Francisco, Seattle and London, we provide holistic, smart solutions for private citizens, corporations and non-governmental organizations.

Concentric Advisors combines rare know-how and innovation to stay ahead of emerging threats. Our Intelligence and Strategy portfolio complements our unparalleled Executive Protection and Operational Physical Security services.  Offering strategic advisory consulting, threat intelligence, cyber threat protection and open source monitoring, our team of Intelligence and Strategy analysts seamlessly address and secure the needs of your physical and digital worlds.  In addition to providing Executive Protection and Physical Security specialists, we also offer Secure Staffing for your Executive Services needs.

Katie Harris
Katie Harris
Katie Harris is COO of Concentric Advisors.