Intelligence-led security is essential for effectively managing risk in a complex threat environment. Our background in national security enables us to leverage cutting edge intelligence methodologies to improve our clients’ ability to detect threats and manage risk.

Concentric also offers consulting services that facilitate strategic change in organizations. We do this through a robust program audit process that incorporates stakeholder input, assesses current security policies and procedures, and offers development plans for clients.

Concentric discreetly protects the private, commercial, and philanthropic interests of clients across the world. Our method is holistic, linking the physical and digital realms in a comprehensive range of services to protect people and assets at home or abroad.

We offer secure transport, executive protection, threat assessment, intelligence monitoring, and travel advance and pre-advance services. We specialize in securing high-profile people and events anywhere in the world.

Concentric is the only security company that seamlessly protects the individual in both the physical and digital arenas. We help our clients secure their identities, privacy, intellectual property, and media footprint. We provide 24/7 live threat monitoring and mobile device protection through our partner Rubica to mitigate cyber risk.

In our experience, some of the world’s most intractable philanthropic challenges can be unlocked by resolving security concerns and mitigating risk. We are inspired by the philanthropy of our clients, and working with them is our company’s way of contributing to a better world. For select risk-based causes, we offer our services without cost.

Concentric staff offer a wealth of experience having previously worked with government entities such as Scotland Yard, CIA, USAID, US Army Special Forces, ODNI, the World Bank, US Department of State; as well as corporate entities and non-profit organizations such as RAND, CyberPoint, Bechtel, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We bring a unique mix/combination of skills and problem-solving experience to our client engagements.

Concentric has an experienced in-house team of security professionals
who work with the best international security resources to provide unrivaled global coverage

Roderick Jones

Chairman of the Board

After leading Concentric as CEO for seven years, Roderick now directs Concentric’s board. He leads our sister company Rubica as CEO.

Paul Florence


Paul became CEO in 2017 after establishing and leading Concentric’s Strategy and Intelligence practice since 2009. He has specialized expertise in strategic planning and complex global event management.

Jeff Baker

Executive Vice-President

Jeff oversees Executive Protection, Due Diligence/Investigations and Physical Security projects. From his time living abroad with both the United States Government and more recently with Concentric, he has developed considerable experience managing complex operations domestically and internationally.

Lianne Kennedy-Boudali

Vice President
Strategy and Intelligence

Lianne leads the Strategy and Intelligence team, leveraging her background in national and international security to mitigate risk, assess threats, and improve security operations for clients.

Katie Harris


Katie provides day-to-day leadership, management and vision to effectively grow the organization. Blending a background in health and development communications and advocacy, Katie is responsible for driving our long-term business strategy.

Jenni Diaz

Vice President
Security & Investigations

Jenni directs Concentric’s domestic and worldwide security operations. She believes security should be tailored and she masterly weaves Concentric’s web of products into a unique and effective client-focused security solution.

Jerame Ostrom

Vice President
Protective Services

Jerame manages Concentric’s full-time Protective Operations team members and oversees Concentric’s security and logistics programs in high risk locations.

Christian Moore

Director, Special Projects

Christian leads some of Concentric’s more unusual work – like rainforest protection in Central America, vaccinator access in Somalia and intel operations in other complex environments.

Philip Medwid

Protective Operations Lead

Philip has extensive operational experience both in the United States and overseas. Philip is responsible for direct supervision and support of mobile protection teams, as well as the planning, coordination, and execution of protective operations globally.