December 21. 2017

2017: Making Sense of a Weird Year

The year began with Donald Trump’s bleak inaugural address, during which, in stark contrast to the usual pomp of the quadrennial celebration, he surveyed the “rusted out” landscape of the country and bemoaned the “American carnage” of our time.  After […]
November 17. 2017

One Year Later: Revisiting the 2016 Election

One year ago this week, Donald Trump defied nearly every poll and political prognosticator in America, defeating his heavily favored opponent, Hillary Clinton, in the culmination of one of the strangest presidential elections in American history. As the sun rose […]
October 12. 2017

Silicon Valley and Congress: Heading for a Reckoning

On November 1, Congress may enjoy a rare bipartisan moment as the Senate Intelligence Committee holds hearings on a common target: tech companies.  Facebook, Google, and Twitter have been invited to testify as part of the ongoing investigation into Russian […]
September 18. 2017

Will Hackers Cast the Deciding Ballot in the New York Election?

Originally published in the New York Post on September 12, 2017. The digital integrity of the election for the mayor of New York City could be the first major test of American democracy since the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. […]
September 15. 2017

Activism in the C-Suite

Over the past ten months, a new breed of activist has emerged: Chief Executive Officers. Traditionally, CEOs have avoided public involvement in any issue that is remotely controversial; however, CEOs have recently become some of the country’s most visible activists […]
September 8. 2017

Concentric Advisors Announces New CEO, Paul Florence. Roderick Jones, CEO of Rubica, remains Chairman of the Board

The West Coast’s preeminent private security, intelligence and risk consultancy, Concentric Advisors, is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Florence as CEO.  Paul, currently a Senior Vice President, will succeed Roderick Jones, who will remain actively involved as Chairman […]
August 28. 2017

ARAMCO’s High-stakes IPO

ARAMCO’s High-stakes IPO In January 2016, Mohammed bin Salman, then Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, announced that Saudi Aramco, the national oil company, would offer five percent of the shares of the company in an IPO scheduled for early […]
July 21. 2017

Election Hacking is Here to Stay

When President Donald Trump emerged from his long-awaited bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit in Hamburg earlier this month, he proudly proclaimed that the two leaders had agreed to create “an impenetrable […]
July 12. 2017

Crisis in the Gulf

In late May, Qatar’s state news agency was hacked, leading to the publication of a report alleging that Qatari Emir Hamad al-Thani had given a speech criticizing the American government, reaffirming support for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, and praising […]