November 20. 2018

Tracking Domestic Extremist Groups

The mail bomb campaign perpetrated by Cesar Sayoc and the mass shooting committed by Robert Bowers in Philadelphia are a stark reminder that the threat of domestic right-wing violence is growing. In the aftermath of 9/11, the majority of government […]
May 15. 2018

The Diversification of Extremist Violence

Five years ago, if you had walked into a room of security professionals and asked what threats kept them up at night, you’d likely have heard about lone-wolf attacks inspired by ISIS or Al-Qa’ida. Indeed, since 9/11, much of our […]
October 12. 2017

Silicon Valley and Congress: Heading for a Reckoning

On November 1, Congress may enjoy a rare bipartisan moment as the Senate Intelligence Committee holds hearings on a common target: tech companies.  Facebook, Google, and Twitter have been invited to testify as part of the ongoing investigation into Russian […]
August 28. 2017

ARAMCO’s High-stakes IPO

ARAMCO’s High-stakes IPO In January 2016, Mohammed bin Salman, then Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, announced that Saudi Aramco, the national oil company, would offer five percent of the shares of the company in an IPO scheduled for early […]
June 15. 2017

Security Implications of President Trump’s First 100 Days

On April 18 in San Francisco, we gathered to discuss the security implications of the first 100 days of President Donald Trump’s administration. It was a fascinating conversation, and we want to share our thoughts on the key points that […]